I'm here for positive change! I'm committed to being actively anti-racist and working to change industries like advertising, media, and film who, for far too long, have existed as exclusive clubs. Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, and other underrepresented folks need greater opportunity and equity. A few of my pursuits:
Women in Film and Media Colorado
I'm Vice President for Women in Film and Media Colorado, a non-profit organization committed to uniting, educating, and empowering women filmmakers and their community by providing resources, networking and educational programs, and by actively pursuing equitable treatment and opportunities for women. 
The 3% Movement
Since 2013, I had the pleasure of being the Executive Producer and then Head of Brand Strategy for The 3% Movement, which is focused on changing the ratio of diversity in creative leadership in advertising and other industries. The more diverse the people who are creating the ideas, the better the ideas will be. Since its inception, the number of female creative directors has risen to 29%. Check out the Annual Conference, Super Bowl Tweet Up and other events. 
Speaking & Consulting
I love discussing the intersections of creativity, culture, and inclusion. I've helped agencies audit, build, and implement their DEI programs and I'm available to help small to mid-size agencies or production companies evaluate their creative, culture, and operations to run more efficiently and more equitably. 
Advocacy & Mentoring
Mentoring and sponsoring are key to getting underrepresented talent seen and developed. I've mentored in local communities of Milwaukee, Denver, and Boulder, including through and am currently serving as a mentor with #StartWith8Hollywood. Looking for diverse talent? I'm also supporting Allyship & Action and maintaining this list of resources for companies and agencies to connect with Black talent in the ad industry.
Greater Together - AIGA
Greater Together, an AIGA partnership to promote racial and economic equity in the creative industries, has a mission of inspiring the creative community to use their talents to design a more diverse future in one of the most segregated cities in America. I worked with Greater Together while in Milwaukee and we implemented two programs: the Spectrum Lecture Series, bringing creatives of color to Milwaukee to work with our community and our youth; and Creative Corps, a high school internship program within local advertising agencies.
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